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Joe Blue
Courthouse Annex
25 East Center Street, Madisonville, KY 42431
Phone (270) 821-3092
Website: http://www.hopkinspva.org

The PVA office duties include:

  • List all taxable property in the county
  • Assess the value of all property
  • Prepare the Tax Roll

The Hopkins County PVA must maintain a roster, or list of all property and property owners in Hopkins County.

In order to estimate value, the PVA staff measures and photographs building in the county. The staff also maintains maps showing the location of each property. The PVA estimate of “fair cash value” is called the assessment, which is based upon information gathered from costs, the real estate market, or income.

The tax roll is the list of all property, property owners and assessments in Hopkins County. The tax roll is available to the public for inspection.